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Cost-Effective, Superior Quality DVD Authoring.

The excellent work generated by DC Creative across multiple production genres is well known, but it is our innovative and cost-effective DVD authoring and mastering experience that sets us apart from the remaining group of service providers in this market. DC Creative’s DVD authoring facilities consolidate the most creative and skilled technical professionals with the latest software and top of the line hardware to deliver a technically solid and beautifully designed end-product at a great price. We have a wide variety of clients including  major motion picture and television studios, independent artists, distributors, broadcasters, and corporate clients.We provide technically sound DVD authoring, mastering and encoding services, DVD menu design, duplication and replication services, and DVD package design. Your DVD project may be enhanced by utilizing 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound, DTS audio, multiple audio streams, subtitling, and multilingual services. Our professional DVD authoring team has vast experience designing and authoring thousands of Blu-ray and DVD projects.

The DVD Advantage

DVD or Digital Versatile Disc is an excellent way to deliver standard-definition (SD) video content to your audience at an affordable price. This standard-definition optical disc format offers a combination of decreased production cost with the ability to playback in more households than Blu-ray disc, as DVD is still the most widely used playback optical disc medium.

The DVD format brings to the table a 4.7GB storage capacity (single-layer) and can be played back in over 80% of American households. DVD-Video still holds the title as the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide.

DVD Dupication and Replication

We can meet your DVD duplication and DVD replication needs based on the scope of your project with a quality guarantee and fast turnaround time.

DVD Cover Art Design

Our professional graphic artists will conceptualize and design great looking cover art for your DVD project based on the message you would like to convey.

DVD Authoring Los Angeles

DVD Authoring Los Angeles California