DC Creative: A Cutting Edge Post Production Facility.

DC Creative, is a Burbank, CA based content creation, editorial, sound design, mixing, color timing, VFX and mastering boutique. The excellent work generated by DC Creative across multiple production genres is well known, and DC Creative has assisted on thousands of projects in conjunction with a variety of clients and film studios, as well as had a multitude of projects distributed via Blu-ray, DVD, Netflix, Redbox, and Video-On-Demand. It is our talented team of experienced, technologically skilled, and creative professionals that allows us to provide superior service at affordable prices, with exceptionally fast turnaround.

Home-Square-Video-Editing-Los-Angeles-Post-Production-3Motion Picture Editing Los Angeles


Professional motion picture editors and edit suites featuring Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere video editing applications to accommodate any project.
Motion Picture Editing

Home-Square-Color-Correction-Grading-Los-Angeles-Post-ProductionColor Correction Timing Colorist Los Angeles

Color Timing

DC Creative houses multiple suites running DaVinci Resolve, the latest in color correction software, and our professional colorists will carefully refine the look and feel of your motion picture to meet the client’s creative objectives.
Color Correction Services

Home-Square-Sound-Design-Los-Angeles-Post-Production Sound Design Los Angeles

Sound Design & Mix

Our talented sound designers provide a complete solution for your motion picture sound design from foley to ADR, to final mix, we’ve got you covered.
Sound Design & Mixing Services

 Home-Square-Motion-Graphic-Design-VFX-Los-Angeles-Post-ProductionMotion Graphic Design VFX Los Angeles

Motion Graphic Design & VFX

Our Talented Motion Graphic Design artists utilize cutting edge 2D and 3D software applications to create dynamic and creative visuals that add stunning flair to your project. Motion Graphic Design & VFX Services



DVD Authoring & Menu Design

Our professional DVD Authoring services allow you to distribute your project on the most affordable and widely used digital medium currently in use.
DVD Authoring Services

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Blu-ray Authoring & Menu Design

DC Creative’s Blu-ray authoring facility brings together the most skilled technical and creative professionals with state of the art software and hardware to deliver a technically rock solid and beautifully designed end-product.
Blu-ray Authoring Services

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More Services

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